I'm absolutely flattered that someone cares this much about me :pepeGosh:


If not, let's make it one :lul:

Do you think I've forgotten about you, darling? Not a chance; see, once I set my eyes on a prize, I never let it go, and that's what you're now: a prize, a target, a prey. It doesn't matter how long it will take...days, weeks, months, years, decades....eventually, I always get my due, and you can't stop me. There's no safe space from me, sweetheart, not anywhere on the Internet. Free speech and surveillance aren't so interesting when someone turns them on you, is it? Do you like the feeling of being watched everywhere you go? Do you enjoy having your info dumped onto random websites on the dark web?  Good, because there's gonna be a lot more of that for you down the line! So delete your dirty secrets while you still can, and remember: a joke ain't nothing without a punchline, and it never gets the last laugh.

@matrix @joe >do you like the feeling of being watched everywhere you go?

@vaartis @joe @matrix "be the change you want to be in the world" i guess
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