@matrix I don't think any of these people understand how governments and States work. They need to go back and read Animal farm. Also they should go live in Somalia. No police there. Works out great for them.

@djsumdog I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but it sometimes feels like some of them didn't even finish secondary school.

@matrix Lets see if Democratic run AnCapistan works as intended (my guess: no).

@matrix it means they are captive to vague and bad ideas in their head over eye-collected, brain-processed reality

@matrix @ArdanianRight I think the easiest way to look at what a police-free world would look like would be to look at the most lawless regions of the world as it exists currently. Mogadishu, San Salvador, Alepppo, or Ciudad-Juarez for example.
@matrix Sometimes memes become reality. That doesn't stop them from being memes.
@matrix Agape retard expression on all the characters is appropriate.

A police-free world probably looks like a 100% white rural farming community. Other racial groups could probably pull it off too, but you throw in larger number of people of differently cultures into the mix plus all of the state's awful incentives to be a single mother on welfare and guess what now you need police to prevent violence. You can't have any sort of highly functional political system unless you strictly control who is allowed in the club, simple as that. Diveristy can't achieve this.
@matrix this is the gay lefty version of the "we dont call the cops :googlegun: " lawn sign
@matrix Bottom line, a slightly more armed one (a good thing), and sadly a more dangerous one. Most people are smallbrained sheep and just shutdown instead of trying to defend themselves. As it stands now we still need these people to do their jobs as usual.

Though ideally I'd like to move towards a world where people are more armed and inclined to defend themselves instead of relying on the state. Also to the comments I saw about this, this has nothing to do with Libertarianism. It's just leftist newspeak nonsense, no better than corporate sloganeering.
@JTR21 @matrix When leftists discuss disbanding the cops they want rule by Red Guards not libertarian gunslingers. Every dispute will be adjudicated by that lesbian cunt who got you fired for flirting with a co-worker.
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