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>A trans person could have survived, because of rapes (they would have put you together with males) and “re-education”, like 3/4 years, in my personal estimation.

To drop a finer point on this, all of that happens because of statism. We only needed LGBT protests and demand for “rights” because the state got in the way in the first place. That’s the source of all the troubles. If I’m unsafe somewhere, its because of the state making it so. We needed to fight for gay marriage (etc) because the state forbade it in the first place.

Well I aim at the responsible party here, and the more it grows the more hostile it becomes, so I pay close attention, because eventually some minority always gets it.

>They laughed about ethics
>Now they can't buy food

We live in a society :jokermad2:
We will save the society :back_from_gab:

Censuur, terug van weggeweest

De afgelopen dagen is de Russische Federatie in enkele dagen van een autocratie in een totalitaire staat veranderd.

Het Europese antwoord is daarbij verbazingwekkend: de Raad van Ministers van de Europese Unie heeft in een ijltempo een verordening aangenomen die evenmin van respect voor uitingsvrijheid getuigt.

Dit is onverenigbaar met onze rechten en vrijheden. #Censuur

Yesterday I received news a friend of mine offed herself. She's part of the 40% suicide rate meme and I feel sad. :sadgery:

To my disappointment trap music isn't about traps. 😞

I am looking for a story-rich FPS (that isn't Half-Life, COD, or BF), any suggestions?

I was considering installing Gitea and Synapse (matrix) on my home server. But then I realised I have absolutely no use for either at the moment, so I will save myself some memory and disk space until I find some use for it.

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