I am looking for a story-rich FPS (that isn't Half-Life, COD, or BF), any suggestions?

I was considering installing Gitea and Synapse (matrix) on my home server. But then I realised I have absolutely no use for either at the moment, so I will save myself some memory and disk space until I find some use for it.

Thought: "I should visit the local timeline more often."
After visiting local
Thought: "I shouldn't."

Session is a hardcore private messenger 💪

That's why when you send a message on Session, there is no metadata attached.

To take your privacy even further — strip metadata from your files before sending them.

Find out how 👇


Have you ever glowed so hard, we could see you in Europe?

dunking on globalist propaganda by watching old shows from the 90s :comfycofesmirk:
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