@ultem @matrix You could still use the domain but have a different name for the site.

@ultem @xianc78 @matrix They wouldn't. They have cash flow but it's not indefinite and lawsuits are mad expensive.

@matrix Any centralized platform that claims to be "free speech" is a fucking joke.

@matrix OOOOOH I called this one hahaha!

Fucking retards who believed this was going to be a real thing. How many times do these inbreds need to be fooled by these centralized fake nonsense services before they clue in? HOW MANY TIMES jesus they are just so fucking dumb.

@shebang @matrix This is the entire reason why I never trusted Gab, Minds, Voat, etc. They were going to be cucked eventually.

@matrix As far as I understand Parler is just some Neocon/Cuckservative hugbox, it's not even pretending to be pro-free speech.
@matrix Since when did the Supreme Court state that joking about breast milk was illegal?
@judgedread @matrix That post wasn't even offensive or obscene, it would make more sense to delete it over the user impersonating someone else, it'd still be retarded, but it'd make slightly more sense.

Anyway, Parler seems absolutely worthless and ineffectual, so I'm not surprised that this is the "alternative" site movement conservatives have ended up embracing.
@ChristiJunior @judgedread @matrix >obscene
the fundamental problem is
1. they need tons of moderation
2. AI can't moderate effectively
3. Indians also can't moderate effectively
4. Americans also can't (be trusted to) moderate effectively

this is probably a case of #2 ("breast" in reported content) or #3 ("this is reported? Americans think this is obscene? I am doing the needful")
@apropos @ChristiJunior Parler doesn't have the money to hire a whole legion of Indians to mod the joint, so it's a keyword thing.
@matrix another scam that computer illiterate /pol/acks keep praising as their new savior even though it's a proprietary locked down silo just like everything before it. this can only end well.
@sampo @matrix except gab probably has more features and users at this point

how much are they paying right wing "influencers" to advertise this platform over just telling people to go on an established platform?


Not sure how Parler got to be the talk of the town when Gab is available. So far Gab seems much better than Parler.

@alexgator Probably due to frequent downtime and Torba's antics

@matrix @alexgator Also, the crowd that embraces Parler really don't want to allow free speech on issues like Israel or race.
@ChristiJunior @matrix @alexgator Right, because effectually we're just talking about different flavors of American liberals. Progressive liberals have their own sacred cows—which also include Israel and race; Conservative liberals have their respective sacred cows—still including Israel and race.
@kino @alexgator @matrix True, though the upcoming generation of progressive liberals don't actually care for Israel, they've replaced it with the 500 genders and 9001 gender expressions.
@ChristiJunior @alexgator @matrix That's fine. It still keeps the proles distracted, dazed, and confused.
@ChristiJunior @kino @alexgator @matrix Upcoming generations of progressives see Israel as just another evil white oppressor nation to genocide.
@ArdanianRight @ChristiJunior @alexgator @kino @matrix And when they try to cancel Israel, they'll be puzzled by how companies no longer seem to support them in their crusade, unable to understand why.
@matrix record fucking time. I thought they'd go at least a month post-boom before shitting the bed
@matrix Parler is and always has been a cuck faggot Boomer platform. At least Gab initially pretended to be for free speech.
@ArdanianRight @matrix Gab actually allowed hardcore hate speech, porn and Loli for quite a while, though some of that was probably just because there wasn't much moderation in general, due to Torba being cheap and lazy.

@matrix that is a laughably low bar for "obscenity" and i hope Parler chokes on its own dick

@matrix It’s Gab, rinse and repeat. They just need Mastodon servers.

@matrix a points system? someone should speedrun it

@matrix I've been saying since the beginning that they're just gab 2.0
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