@matrix racism is actually slightly natural thing, it's a corner case of brain being able to make generalizations about world and detecting patterns, i.e. stereotyping. It's important to survival but it's not necessary always correct (i.e. thinking that earth is flat because horizon looks flat and ground feels flat).
@hj @matrix i still have a hard time believing flat earthers aren't just shitposting. :blobcatsleepless:
@icedquinn @matrix i do believe some of them are nowadays, I'm just saying that in the ancient days they thought earth is flat and it didn't really matter either at that time either.
@hj @matrix it was mostly some weird christians who insisted the earth was flat. some greek nerds worked out that it was not based on some compasses and shadows, and estimated not only the roundness but the approximate size of the earth. apparently accurately too, even though it would be thousands of years before someone could measure it with space probes. :blobcatwoah:
@icedquinn @matrix isn't it's in the bibble that sun revolves around the earth and not vice versa? IIRC Copernicus got some shit from church for claiming that too. Flat earth theory isn't far from geocentrism. Flatearthers are either religious fanatics unable to cope with the fact that holy book is factually wrong or paranoid conspiration theorists who just don't want to believe mainstream media who supposedly brainwashes people for hidden reasons. Or just shitposting.
@hj @matrix As far as I remember it was the Catholics (who have their own made up religion they seem to think is Christianity) who had a problem with Copernicus, but that particular sect has a lot of dumb shit they push on everyone.

There is AFAIK no "pope" in the bible either.
@icedquinn @matrix church is weird. It's like country having constitution as "base law" and also shit ton of other laws and codexes, but it's up to judges to decide and interpret the law. Except in church you have "base law" which is the bible in christianity but literally everything else is up to popes/priests to decide, and it doesn't even matter if it contradicts the scripture. Remember that in older times in some countries church and government weren't really separable - king is only the king because god said so, and to deliver god's will and speech pope is used. So church had some authority over king, posing as god's proxy. Church said sun revolves around the earth = god said so, going against church would mean going against the god, but in reality it's just exposure of church's bullshit and discrediting it's reputation and authority in eyes of religious people and they can't have that.

Not to say that church is all evil though, they did some useful stuff back in the day too like acting as historians, setting up some education, etc.
@hj @matrix People didn't have access to the scripture at the time, so you could just make whatever shit you wanted up. It's pretty embarassing to compare what's actually in it to half the stuff the churches (especially THE church) tried to pass off.
@hj @icedquinn @matrix
>IIRC Copernicus got some shit from church for claiming that too.
Copernicus personally? not really, maybe from a random priest every now and then but not on a higher church level
it was Galileo that got himself some serious opposition, mostly for teaching heliocentrism as a matter of fact and not a theory, which it still was - he couldn't even reliably prove it
(he also insulted the pope but that's another story)

as for flat Earth, most of early church and medieval scholars held that Earth is spherical. flat Earth really only became a wider movement in 19th century America
@grips @icedquinn @matrix >flat earth became a movement in 19th century america
>literally in the country on land that proven that earth isn't flat by going other way around and not falling into the void

This is as american as it gets
@grips @hj @matrix i can usually remember the stories but the names of the characters whoosh off in to space.
@icedquinn @hj @matrix I knew a flat earther at my old company and he was legit. And also an american.

@icedquinn @matrix @hj I'm just shitposting about it when I claim to be a flat earther. We all know it's actually an "inside out" planet.

@hj @icedquinn @cowanon @matrix We actually live on the inner surface of the shell. The turtle is just inside a bigger turtle, which is in an even bigger turtle, and so on.

@hj @matrix as for racism :blobcatshrug: they keep redefining it to suit whatever the narrative needs.

it went from literally segregating privileges on the basis of race, to any acknowledgement of racial differences and possible superiority of one over another, to now just meaning "oh the outcomes aren't perfectly balanced, that must mean the process was racist somehow."

its basically meaningless now to the point literally everyone is a racist, if only because unless you have a specific form of brain damage you will always bias towards your native race over others. at least in studies where they show you pictures of people and measure the time it takes to compliment the photos, everyone has a micro-bias towards their "tribe." which is part of a survival mechanism so it's not going anywhere any time soon.

its kind of like how when they do psych tests they find that women "objectify" other women the same amount men do, but men still get blamed for being "sexist."

never really found the stereotype thing to be harmful unless you're explicitly being a jerk about it.
@icedquinn @matrix it's mostly harmful when people in power are racist, i.e. when hiring people or deciding on their salary, venues/establishments owners denying entry or mistreating, etc. Less harmful than that but still is nonetheless is environments, i.e. bullying, insulting and other nasty things that makes people avoid places they are at.
@matrix Don't they kinda do something like that already? Whenever a normie Goy says something problematic, they have to go through therapy or training or, in the best cases, a self-imposed period of reflection. Sounds like this would only make it official.
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