@matrix should have said "wait it's all chromium?"
>ok you make website in javascript, you want that in a box to make users install it (autostart on pc make software go brrr on startup = more money)
>Coding lead says "we will do it in c++"
>You fire retard

>make a website
>want users to have an app
>just take full featured browser
>make it only open your site
>screw user CPUs and RAM

@matrix "lite weight" development hasnt been a thing for years, youve been in a coma
@caskd @matrix which rock would that be? Im really just asking what youd actually use that would be less time consuming. Its only really about money with closed source
@igel @matrix people make lots of alternatives to this stuff on their own
- Discord (Ripcord [prop.])
- GitHub (Gitea, GitWeb, stagit)
- WhatsApp (Telegram [server prop.])
- VSCode (too many alternatives that work very well)

this applies to lots of projects
@caskd @igel @matrix Gitea is complete trash in comparison, GitLab would be more on-par with GitHub, and GitLab is extremely heavy.

Just because it's a thing doesn't mean it's good

@matrix make a more cost effecient thing and companies will use it
@igel @matrix we're all aware, that's why we're complaining so much. ecmascript and web browsers only took off so full-forced due to extensive warring between netscape and others in the early days of the WWW, now we live with the fallout of that. we could have had better OSes by now and then native software *would be* the more cost-effective

i know youre a chronic shitposter but framing it as "YOU do something about it" isnt helping one bit. i'm actually trying to do something about it but at small scale, i can't build rome in a day
@igel @matrix this is also not only about being lightweight but just being fucking lazy and using a web browser engine (that was bloated for the same reasons) for desktop applications
a fucking web browsers has multiple layers of abstraction that the user never sees and it's insane that they ever run this well in the first place
people started the browser hype long time ago and that created lots of jobs for web devs but just because a tool can be applied in some places, it doesn't mean it can be used everywhere
the other reason why electron started being a thing is because developers wanted to be "special" and started making their own UIs that ended up in the horrible mess we know from the windows desktop experience

TL;DR just because you know how to use a tool, it doesn't mean you can apply it for every problem you have. you don't just hammer a broken water pipe
@caskd @matrix being lazy but still getting millions of users out of it, doesnt sound like bad business practise to me.
@igel @matrix this only happens because the average user just doesn't give a shit about how computers work and always assume that performance is related to old hardware, even though you can get almost same desktop experience on 2005 hardware if you use GOOD software


Just do a flip retard.
@DeepCoreMining @caskd @matrix I was arguing against these people yet you tag me for that response?

@DeepCoreMining @igel @caskd While I agree with this sentiment, I shouldn't need a 16 core Ryzen to run everything smoothly. Some phone apps like Skype run better than their desktop counterparts.

@matrix @igel @caskd I concede that modern developers are lazy, and Electron is the lowest common denominator. At the same time, CPU and RAM are ridiculously cheap nowadays, and many orders of magnitude cheaper than hiring native code developers with the appropriate expertise. That’s just how it is.
@wowaname @caskd @matrix software elitism ahs to translate to money and efficiency or its just the ramblings of unimportant hobbyists. Hobbyists who arent even working on their own solution to their own "problems"
@igel @wowaname @matrix some of those unimportant hobbyists have created some things that even corporations couldn't achieve.
@caskd @matrix @wowaname yet even pleroma runs on javascript. Youre all sending mixed messages, unix weenies
@caskd @matrix @wowaname sorry I emant "pleroma FE", dont want somebody to think they can "akshually" me
@igel @matrix @wowaname yes but pleroma FE is just a frontend for the actual API and software which gives people a choice of software
taking pleroma FE as a main example of the whole "community" is dumb
@caskd @matrix @wowaname Im using it as an example because nobody forced any of the devs to use javascript. Yet they "for some reason" chose to do so
@igel @matrix @wowaname you can't have pleroma FE in a browser without JS and expect it to work as it does right now
i hate JS too but i can totally understand the reasoning behind the choice.
@igel @matrix @wowaname i don't see where i agreed with you... the native software that would allow pleroma to run without the "web browser" part was not written yet because people first looked for adoption before developing a software that may never see a release
there's already development on native software and mobile phones already have options
@caskd @matrix @wowaname I dont get your point. It needs to work right now. Not sometime in the future. Even BloatFE has a little javascript in it if you activate it so the entire page doestn reload when you click like on something. Im not a dev so i dont dream of what you nerds might do "someday", just do it you stinky coders. I may use it. Until then I use what works
@igel @caskd @matrix @wowaname you really can't see the difference between "keep a browser language in the browser" and "let's never use JavaScript"?
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@igel @caskd @matrix because activitypub is webshit. that isnt "some reason", thats an example of how hard standards are pushing toward web adoption
@wowaname @caskd @matrix everything sucks, nothing will be good ever, the world is bad and so are people, no standards, no gods, I am trashman 93439827438924 dead cops
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