Exactly *how* does an in-game BLM protest do anything?

@holot @matrix
It keeps monkeys from burning down black filled cities, so it is AMAZINGLY effective

@matrix Blizzard can't be saved. Try a private WoW server.
@matrix A small, reasonable, 100 year suspension, for interrupting a "Black Lives Matter in-game protest"...
When will people get it through their heads that Blizzard is dead?
@matrix Someone really ought to kill everyone inside Blizzard HQ.

@Ricotta @matrix Game developers just need to grow a spine and jettison the socialists and their ideology. They continue to insult their primary demographic at their own peril and #Blizzard could end up a tarnished brand just like #Bioware.

The movie industry is already learning that lesson from flops like the #feminist Ghostbusters and the lackluster performance of the Star Wars franchise (yay for getting Lucas back!).

@matrix Ironic since Blizzard was more than willing to shut down/interrupt in-game Free/Liberate Hong Kong protests.

@matrix One day, i’m going to have to take crazy pills to make the world seems sane again.

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