it worked until some 3rd-party state-actor decided to intervene

so what’s your preferred alternative, capitalism? would you cont china for this one too?

china is peak capitalism only with one-party political system – money above anything = capitalism :meowShrugSmirk:

@dym The existence of money doesn't make something capitalist.
China makes a lot of financially nonsensical just to increase their power. They don't care about money.

@JapanAnon @matrix the only resource money has access to is time. you buy someone else’s time they use(d) to produce something of value

@dym @JapanAnon Then why an hour of doctor's time costs more than an hour of factory worker's time

@dym @matrix I'd think the value becomes a property of the produced item once it's been made, with the time invested into it being one factor used to determine value.
@dym @JapanAnon @matrix

I typed very slowly and spent 40 hours writing this post, it's worth more than your post, which only took 5 minutes. There's more time baked into my post.
@dym @matrix

No it fucking didn't you idiot. It never worked. It didn't work on micro kibbutz scale, it didn't work on the fucking Soviet scale. It didn't fail because of the CIA, it failed because you remove the cohesion between effort and reward that drives popular motivation. Fucking gas yourself you commie cockroach fuck.

@spaceman @matrix not sure why all the curses in a civil discussion, it worked on soviet scale until work-or-work-in-gulag was part of it. same as it is now in china with muslim uighurs in slave freedom camps

@dym @matrix

Civil is a social contract, which isn't inherited here; we do not share a society. Moreover, I curse because the shock garners good response.

I don't care when it broke down in your opinion, you have demonstrated only poor opinions thus far.
@dym @matrix

Also, to put the goal post further to the right, National Socialism functioned until the US intervened militarily. That's a much more clear cut case.

@spaceman @matrix yeah, i dont think you know what human compassion, let alone decency is. you also probably think i was defending communism, for some reason? one does not have to side with a system just to argue about it’s properties.

@dym @matrix

This means little given the circumstance. You're offended, but you have little to criticize, so you're swinging wildly.

You were defending communism as "functional" and then pivoted to "actually China is most capitalist" in an untagged thread after this exchange.

Turns out you're just full of shit, who would have guessed? That's right, everyone.
@dym @matrix

Address the National Socialist point or any other point, hell, make an argument that isn't "you're mean."
@dym @spaceman @matrix "not sure why all the curses in a civil discussion"

Probably because you're shilling for an ideology that has killed 100 million people.

@ChristiJunior @matrix @spaceman > ideology that has killed 100 million people name one that didnt. usa has 200k dead this year – from covid alone.

also, as you might have discovered, had you read entire thread first:

@dym @matrix @spaceman "name one that didnt."

National Socialism.

Communism is literally worse than Nazism.

@ChristiJunior @matrix @spaceman only because outburst of nazism was stopped in less than decade, instead of lingering for 50 years

@dym @ChristiJunior @matrix

I can't hear you Pol Pot. I can't hear your stupid words over the mountains of bodies.
@ChristiJunior @dym @matrix @spaceman German people overwhelmingly supported the nazis. Stalin got support by killing all dissidents.
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