it worked until some 3rd-party state-actor decided to intervene

so what’s your preferred alternative, capitalism? would you cont china for this one too?

china is peak capitalism only with one-party political system – money above anything = capitalism :meowShrugSmirk:


@dym The existence of money doesn't make something capitalist.
China makes a lot of financially nonsensical just to increase their power. They don't care about money.

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@matrix @dym money's just an abstraction for access to resources anyway

@JapanAnon @matrix the only resource money has access to is time. you buy someone else’s time they use(d) to produce something of value

@dym @JapanAnon Then why an hour of doctor's time costs more than an hour of factory worker's time

@dym @matrix I'd think the value becomes a property of the produced item once it's been made, with the time invested into it being one factor used to determine value.
@dym @JapanAnon @matrix

I typed very slowly and spent 40 hours writing this post, it's worth more than your post, which only took 5 minutes. There's more time baked into my post.
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