They put cultural marxism on level of Holocaust denial :pepega:

>george soros Acknowledging his existence is the worst of the worst of conspiracy theories?

@matrix That list is puuuure garbage. Almost none of it is correct.

@matrix And the Deep State (which even leftist sites used to acknowledge) is up there with Flat Earth and Reptilian Overlords.
@matrix Cultural marxism no real, huh?
Don't tell them about the Gehlen Organization and Operation Paperclip or how many Hollywood movies are full of esoterica. Their heads would explode.

@matrix Why the fuck is the flat earth at the top???

Out of every single theory, flat earth is the fastest way to destroy the civilization??? :omegalul:

@matrix They're going to legitimize all the really spicy shit this way.
@matrix I believe in 9 of the 26 ones at the top. Where does that place me?
The real point of disinfographics like this is to tell leftists, “If someone believes in White genocide or the NWO, they can safely be ignored—they believe in all these wacky things too, no need to even ask.”

@matrix It’s a really interesting chart, even though it over-emphasizes a few examples.

@matrix Looks like... what's its name...? That thing where they try to discredit something legitimate by associating it with something crazy. Can't focus right now. Busy in Prague, LARPing as a cyborg.
@matrix >foreskin moisturizer
This is LITERALLY a thing
>speculative line
Ffs, ufo means Unidentified Flying Object, when ones is spotted it's means that something not identified has been observed, not fucking ayy lmaos.
This chart is complete bs.
>things that actually happened
>NSA mass surveillance
Still happening.
You are 70 years too late to have any chance of making UFO mean anything other than "extraterrestrial visitors probably" in general use.
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