@matrix what a dumb post... why cannot you just believe in science as our pries... ehm experts preach it?

@matrix BTW...
Did you know:
Water has a memeory and it even has feelings :boomer:

@matrix this is wonderful and needs to be shared more.

The only thing I'd change is that the Science Worshipper's side IMO goes a little more like:

1) Have an existing conclusion that other people aren't convinced of
2) Work backwards from the conclusion, disregarding any evidence that contradicts it
3) Cherry-pick studies and experts who agree, even studies that have been un-reproducable, especially celebrity "expert" Science Communicators (tm)
5) If experts come out against it, smear them with political ad-hominem.
6) Those who disagree, including smeared experts, should go to prison for endangering society with their anti-science.

Trofim Lysenko approves.
@matrix oh, and this is probably too much and would fit better into a different meme, but

1) "the science is settled"
2) <the science changes with new data or discovery of flaws in previous experiment>
3) "the science is settled"


but just because most people believe a thing doesn't make it-
but what about that expert who disagrees? or that one? or that group?
"they don't count- CONSENSUS! You should believe because CONSENSUS!"

maybe with a Copernicus burning in the background.
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