@matrix >systematic racism
Ignores rest of post

@Riamu @matrix
Shame, because after the obvious virtue signaliing, he says a good case of total stupidity.

@Binkle @matrix I never went on it so it doesn't really effect me that much, only when I see dogshit like this.
@matrix The one shooting that had the "twister" memes because the cop kept giving the drunk frat boy conflicting orders (hands on the floor, behind your head, and in the air, all at once) ended with the guy getting shot for trying to pull up his pants
Daniel Shaver? He was an adult, married with two kids.
@CenturianFrend @matrix I didn't know that. I must have misremembered someone saying it was a college frat party, when the footage first came out. Feels kind of hard to believe that it was over 5 years ago that happened.
@matrix I hate these kinds of niggers with a passion

I just want to push them over and watch them struggle to get up
@matrix While there are always trigger happy cops, if you want to avoid getting shot you: Don't run; keep your hands in view at all time; ask for a lawyer; never consent to searches, &c.; obey lawful orders. If the cops pull or try to pull something they shouldn't, well, that's what lawyers are for.


The trend of wearing falling down pants is particularly funny if you know the origin of it.

In prison breaking the elastic waistband of someone's pants marked them as your prison bitch. The prison didn't replace pants and you can't fight back against being raped with pants constantly falling down.

A prison bitch obviously got out of prison but kept doing it with his normal pants because he was into it. But young black men saw this ex-con doing it and copied him.

When a game dev spends more time about how to run away from cops then niggers.

@matrix This is 100% believable but also you get what you fucking deserve for dressing like a criminal.
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