Sandniggers when they find out running a country means doing a lot of monotonous work instead of just fucking children and goats

@matrix but when you put in enough work (aka sell your soul) in the right fields you can fuck all of the kids and goats you could ever wish for

@matrix they could just run security and leave self-governance to each individual area's tribe leader
@hakui @matrix This sort of administrative task requires more than one person. This type of thing is why you see - for example - cops bitching about paperwork.
@matrix at least these sandniggers mounted a resistance against kikes and won.

Even the "mount a resistance" part cannot be said about Australia, North America and most of Europe.

@FruitpilledPeachcel before the kikes showed up everyone sat in a drum circle and sang kumbaya

@FruitpilledPeachcel and before kikes nobody scammed anyone, nobody suffered and nobody racemixxed

@matrix so a race of breathing, walking, blaspheming pieces of shit who think of themselves as my superiors should be completely ignored because bad stuff happens without them anyway!

You confuse me with a retarded utopian. I know bad stuff will happen anyway. But I want kikes to go extinct, together with gypsies. Because what they want for me is far worse than that.

@FruitpilledPeachcel No, but it's the weird assumption that if you find a kike somewhere along the chain of events then they're the ones organizing the chain of events specifically because of their kikery, that annoys me

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