Blacks when Italians don't wash their pasta with soap

@rher @matrix I am dispatching some of my lackies right now to get rid of this mouth-breather moolie
@rher @matrix @Curvin what's next, the race tha tmakes mud cookies gonna say the french don't season dey food either? lol

@Zealist @Neigh-Sayer @matrix they’re falling into the ocean and drowning rapidly because niggers can’t swim, not even instinctively float.

@lichelordgodfrey @Neigh-Sayer @matrix i aint' swam in a long time, but i feel like especailly if my life was on the line i could idle with my head above water for a while
@lichelordgodfrey @Neigh-Sayer @matrix their lack of brain cells lead them to get on a boat in the... is it the med? without life jackets
@lichelordgodfrey @Zealist @Neigh-Sayer @matrix sometimes the sabotage the boat they're on so they HAVE to be taken back with the "rescuers"
@Paleloon @lichelordgodfrey @Neigh-Sayer @matrix sure we'll rescue you all you gotta do is climb this rope OOPS i dropped it, that's the only one we had on the ship >.>
@Paleloon @lichelordgodfrey @Zealist @matrix And also throw their papers/passports overboard so the immigration authorities don't know where the fuck to deport them.
@Neigh-Sayer @Paleloon @lichelordgodfrey @matrix well, the sea floor is right there, just deport them there i say.
@Neigh-Sayer @Paleloon @lichelordgodfrey @matrix IN FACT you don't even have to do anything they'll self deport when they run out of energy.
@lichelordgodfrey @Zealist @Neigh-Sayer @matrix It looks like they figured it out by the end. I wouldn't recommend doing it face down like they're doing though.

@lichelordgodfrey @matrix @Neigh-Sayer @Zealist Nobody could swim until very recently retard, it's not because they're niggers it's because they're poor and from a place where there are fucking crocodiles in the water. White sailors used to refuse to learn how to swim, because they would rather drown quick, it was considered bad luck for a sailor to learn to swim. Spic goblino learn history.

@matrix >Italian food is bland
>Italian food
This actually fucking pisses me off. Fucking niggers! FUCK!
@SuperSnekFriend @matrix A nigger complaining about other niggers food being shit 🙄
@SuperSnekFriend @matrix Made me so mad I started yelling in Italian and I don't even know the language.
@matrix I assume you mean "Other blacks when Italians don't..."
@matrix It's almost like they don't belong in a civilization.

@matrix Uhhh @Xeraser can you notify la camorra that the negros say this kind of shit?

@matrix I've eaten italian stuff and it was good what is this guy on
@BigTony @matrix i don't know what they eat that they think the food isnt seasoned. mind boggling

@matrix I took my friend who likes spaghetti a lot to an authentic Italian restaurant for his birthday a couple years ago and he fucking hated it because it wasn't seasoned at all

@matrix Seasoning... immediately mentions
>Maggi Cube
It's a salty ass bullion cube.
I can only perceive "Seasoning Salt" as a negro affectation now that I apply this knowledge.
@matrix "I would have died of starvation" yes, in africa.
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