Why does Biden want to waste more tax payer money to use F.E.M.A when the private companies who normally distribute and administer vaccines are perfectly capable of doing this job? Its almost like the government wants to increase its role... and expand.... hmm...

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Don't ask me to prioritize someone else's health over my own.

Best COVID-19 response plan!

" Eh fuck it, let the businesses and individuals figure out how to best please, protect, and service customers so they feel safe and wish to continue and/or support their business"

At least a private road owner would have an incentive to fill pot holes... I would like to enjoy driving instead of worrying that I'll fail to miss a pothole and my suspension will snap like a twig.

People scream that they cannot afford to live in the city anymore due to rising rent costs, how about you move out to somewhere cheaper and commute like the majority of Americans do. Save your money, invest, and eventually buy your own property.

Something must be fundamentally wrong with how people experience business and the market, raising minimum wage for burger flippers is a great way to see a massive reduction in jobs.... How about they take advantage of company programs, get a higher education, go to a trade school, or start their own business?

That's right, I forgot- that's too hard for people to do. Cant wait to see the fed implement a $15 wage. The number of starter jobs is going to exponentially decrease if the minimum wage rises.

Public schools are a poor performing business that cannot go bankrupt! Charter and Private schools do it: better, faster, and cheaper!

Yet teacher's Unions pressure our representatives to restrict their creation. Shameful. Let the market decide.

My tax dollars are wasted on social programs that I wouldn't need to consider if I had the money they taxed me.

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"A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference." -Thomas Jefferson

This man would be enraged at what this country has become, how the rights of the people are being eroded. I hope that one day we can return to a better time.

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2021 is going to be some bastardization of Atlas Shrugs and 1984. Can't wait

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