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Pedo Life Fantasy 

The run down, trashy part of town has always been where the darkest desires thrive. The poverty and crime stricken trailer park is a haven for your pedophile needs.

The cops stay away, the mom's are prostitutes and druggies. The dad's pimps and thieves. Nobody cares what happens here.

The mom's dress their preteen girls like child whores. They know their only way out is to sell that kiddy pussy. They run around without shorts and nothing but thin worn underwear. Their bald little cunts peaking out as they play,

When it's hot they simply strip their little kids nude and throw them a hose. You walk about and stare at their wet, hairless child cunts.

It's ok if you get hard. Their mom is hoping to see your pedo cock rise. The mom spreads her little 7 year old girls legs open, baring her child pussy openly on the lawn as you walk by. You can see her gaping kiddy hole, its open and used.

It's ok. Nobody cares. You can pull your pedo cock out and stroke to her preteen child pussy. The mom pushes her finger inside her little girls kiddy hole, deep and full as you watch. The nude wet slicked up child whore is ready for a good hard kiddy fuck.

Nobody cares what happens in the worst parts of town. It's the breeding ground for child sluts and kiddy whores. It's their only way out and they know it. So the mom's dress and tease and beg for their little girls to get fucked hard and raw in their child cunts.

You can fuck her. You can fuck a tight 7 year old child whore. Her mom wants you to. She is hoping you will pound your pedo cock inside her child's abused kiddy cunt. She knows her little girl needs to earn her keep.

It's the only way out. You just need to find the right trashy kiddy slut loving pedo mom's in the right part of town.

pedo fantasy

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Adults dirty talking kids is hot af.
Hell... Hearing kids call themselves dirty names is just as hot.

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Smack your cock against a little boy's face so hard it makes him piss and squirt pre like a girl 🥰

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Futas fucking lolis is great but real pedo girlcock is where it's at tbh

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fantasy, shota, watersports 

you tell your boy-bitch you're going to come inside, but instead you just pee inside his hole. He's too young to cum yet, so he just thinks that pee is all that comes out. When he finds out the truth, he'll be so addict to feel your urine that he won't mind at all

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Bubbly little boy butt~ so tight and round and cute, barely hiding a cute tight little untouched hole or a well trained little boy cunt~ smooth taints leading down to round little balls and a small, rock hard little dicklet that twitches and jerks from the slightest touch...and every slight touch or brush against the kid's dick makes the sweetest sounds slip from his rosey little lips~

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A boy wearing loose swim shorts~ when he stands or walk around they always slip off his hips and show off his smooth crotch and sometimes they even fall down so far you get a peak at the base of his soft dicklet...and when he sits down the legs are so loose you can get a nice peak at his balls and ass...sometimes his cute little softie from the right angle...of course you stare a bit too long and he notices...but he doesn't change position and you can see his tiny dick start to stiffen up~

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Fantasy, pedo, gore/child abuse? 

A babysitter who chokes on a little boy until he pisses himself because he's too young to cum yet. They hide the marks with a scarf and some makeup, and when the parents are back, little boy smiles cheerfully and says he had lots of fun and the babysitter was very nice to him, so they keep hiring the same one for a while, unaware of all the violence that occurs when they're not around.

One day they instead find him laying on the floor, alone, with bruises all over his body, especially on his neck and ribs. Cum, and a bit of blood too, flowing out of his asshole and mouth...The truth is revealed: he's been choked and kicked to an orgasm countless times, and god knows what else! They're horrified, but he's smiling and telling how good it feels to be raped and hurt, so the parents can't do anything about it...they'll keep getting more sadistic nannies to please their new masochistic son.

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Slowly corrupting your lover with ever more dubious porn and sex toys until you're both having filthy pedo sex and using little kids for dirty talk
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Fantasy, adult grooming mention, lolisho hentai mention 

There's nothing better then corrupting a sub so far that they love being humiliated for how far they sunk. Theres something so dominating about grooming another adult into being unable to do anything but rub their cunt to the loli and shota I send them.

I love people who want to be corrupted, surprised how far they fall, or the ones at rock bottom already dripping wet from gooning all day.

Message me. I'll draw out your worst self.

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#pedo #fantasy 

It’s so hard to play games and jerk off I wish I had a kid to hang out under my desk to suck my cock while I game. Their tiny little head bobbing up and down and whenever I see a hot character I just violently skull rape it until the character is off screen

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Fantasy, pedo 

Calling your girlfriend cute pet names in public, like: Kiddy Fucker and Sexy Little Pedophile.

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Fantasy, pedo, prostitution 

A little boy works in the family's business: a shady motel that doesn't care too much about the law.

In the thousands of nights he has endured, he thinks he's seen it all and knows everything that needs to be known: Highly drunk guys struggling to even ask for a room, perverted old farts groping a young girl's butt as he gives them the keys, people with their clothes covered in blood and looking like they're in the long as they pay their room, mom told him to turn a blind eye, 'cause it keeps the business afloat.

But he hadn't encountered anyone offering "an extra tip" for some extra room service.

Our boy knows how to spot a pedo. He's given rooms to countless adults asking for a room, holding the shaky hand of a kid just like him, sometimes even younger. However, this one came alone, offered "a good time" and a few extra bucks as well. Mom won't even pay him for being the doorman and staying up so late keeping up with everyone's what the heck, he accepts.

Shortly after, he's sucking on his first throbbing cock and giggling cutely, playing along because maybe that will bring more extra tips (and it does). Hair pulled, his hole stretched until it hurts...the big pedo cock fills him and forces countles moans and orgasms out of him. The little doorman whimpers, saying how much he loves being raped for money...

A few hours later he's alone in the room, panting, still naked. Cum and money mixed all over his used body. He counts the earnings, shit, his butt hurts and his mouth tastes like salty adult's milk...but look at all this money! It was worth it, and also not bad at all (but there are going to be better ones, for sure. Maybe he's found a side business of his own)

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More Pedo Weekend Fantasy 

Random thoughts from a preteen pussy loving pedophile.

Little girls make you so fucking hot. You love cumming to naked sexualized children. Bald, hairless child cunt. Little girls who spread their legs wide open to show you how their kiddy cunt holes gape open.

Gymnastic leotards should be of the thinnest material, with no liners so we can see their sweaty, slicked up little girl bodies.

Slutty exhibitionist little kids are the best. They know their child bodies get people horny. They want you to see their bald kiddy cunts, their child clits red from abuse. They are proud their grade-school pussy holes can take an adult cock balls deep.

Little girls who realize they like girls when they are 6 and 7 while in the locker rooms seeing other nude little girls, some being abused and can't hide their gaping kiddy cunts. And forever being attracted to nude little kiddy cunt. The perfect accomplice. A future grade-school gym coach, where she can live a life of pedo lesbian bliss.

Dream of little girls. Dream of pumping their tiny little kiddy cunts. Dream of slutty child whores.

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Fantasy, pedo grooming, incest 

I taught my baby brother to befriend any pedos that want to play with him. Now he knows what pro-c means, how to get an orgasm and how cum tastes like. He's such a smart and curious boy.

I made a porn account just to show off his 4 year old dick and balls. I guess being a hot porn slut runs in the family, he's getting a lot of attention and the money started rolling!

Part of it goes to our budget for toys and slutty underwear, but also I often buy ice cream to keep him motivated, I often spill it on his belly and balls just to have an excuse to lick his tasty body, we share everything you see...

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I'm here to worship and adore pedophiles. I love you all and I want to feel your dicks inside me

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Fantasy, pedo thoughts 

Imagine you're in a group chat with dozens of pedos where little boys and girls can just go sometimes, sort of like "special guests", and be cute and send lewd pics so the pervs can fap to them and call them names and insult them for being pedo lovers and attention seekers (that just makes them get more wet).

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Fantasy, pedo, doxxing 

A little boy frequents those lewd sites where you can talk to older people anonymously. He's just 6 so he has no idea of how dangerous it is to send a pic showing his smiling face as he strokes his tiny dick, wearing a hoodie with the name of his school. Now the pedos have a clue of where to find him.

The next day there's a group of people waiting outside of his house. It's weird but he doesn't care too much until they start following him on his way to of them squeezes his butt all of a sudden, so he ends up running away.

In the recess he notices even more people have gathered outside of his school, and he realizes that they found him! When he's done with the rest of the classes and the bell rings, the little boy is scared, but he accepts what is now inevitable.

When he's walking back home, they start following and pushing him slowly trough streets that are more and more unknown. He ends up in a very suspicious alley, with 20 or more people behind.

The first pedo starts squeezing his ass, just like this morning, but now he doesn't fight back. Someone starts a wet kiss and a third one lifts his hoodie to play with his nipples. They do those things they said they would do in the lewd chats.

Not much later he's naked and moaning happily with 2 cocks inside his ass. His legs can't even reach the floor, but he's stroking two more dicks with his hands, and his face is covered with pedo cum. His dick is still leaking, even when he came more than 10 times already. That's good because there's at least 15 more pervs in the line to fuck him. Probably more because someone's live-streaming the whole thing, attaching his full name and address. Surely more pedos are coming.

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Still on board with turning TERFs and radfems into unwilling cocksleeves for transgirls and transguys. Force them into birthing a new generation of progressive and foreword minded kids.

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