If you buy an NFT I'm just assuming you suck massive amounts of dick

Hmm I see the gays are now getting the "one big lump" treatment. Some of us don't consider ourselves queer so I guess I'm out.
@freemo @bakubased @verita84 @matrix @ChristiJunior @Rudolf_von_Goldenbaum

Blacks had no culture. There was nothing to replace. Even their languages had maybe 200 words tops, and none for any abstract concepts.

@bakubased it’s one thing to be an androphile woke on the JQ and have functional pattern recognition, it’s another to be a colossal fucking faggot like that guy. @matrix @borzoi @burner19bb @freemo

@borzoi you’re attempting to use logic and reason with a shitlib. I suggest you save your energy and call him a tremendous faggot instead, it’s more cathartic and allows you to free up time for more meaningful pursuits such as taking an extra long shit, day drinking, or scratching your balls. @matrix @burner19bb @freemo

"Hey I'm Katsuki Bakugo and welcome to dudes, drinks, and dicks!"

"Don't you mean diners, drive-ins and dives?"

"That's not the sausage I'm hunting for my dude."

>get in the Uber
>driver says "Are you ready boss?" and starts revving the engine.
I'm going to die, aren't I?

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