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should I make a different account for drunkposting?

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made an alt at

If you think that gays reproduce by molesting children, atheists or irreligious people can't be moral, or that all gay men are effeminate, don't fucking follow or interact with me.

I ain't got time for that shit.

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I just want to make this clear. I'm fine with people being against flaming faggots but if you can't distinguish between men who are gay and faggots then you probably shouldn't be following or interacting with me.

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Hi, I'm Blake, I'm just some dude online who likes games, food, and other stuff.

@LukeAlmighty rinse them with cold water after boiling ASAP and let them lie for a bit in cold water

Guys, Mastodon is under a troll farm attack

Sandniggers when you manage to build a functioning country in a few decades while they couldn't do it in 14 centuries

>legit end up meeting a French Canadian woman named Karen, but she gets really uppity about that you're supposed to pronounce it ~Frenchy~
I was so annoyed by her I had to physically leave the room.

"What's your dream job"
I don't dream of labour Sharon.

This shit is why it needs to be ripped out of schools. Families getting torn apart because confused and vulnerable teens are getting taken in by the gender cult.

I keep getting dudes replying to my posts like "Damn nice. Hope to look like this by summer"

Happy Belated 1yr anniversary to Tifa getting plowed by Cloud in the Italian senate.

Underrated moment in history.

>classified documents leaked onto the War Thunder forums again
>it's the second time this week

> the White Man's Burden school of translation

beautiful, I am stealing this phrase and I propose to call "localizations" only like that to piss off localizers who want to appear all politically correct and woke

So due to errors, I had to restart Stardew Valley from the beginning and … excuse you Jodi.

There are several very obvious reasons why you shouldn't do this, and I'm not just talking about the fact that it's the plot of several movies and books.

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Someone needs to tell scientists that just because you can, doesn't mean you have to.

Well, fuck. The GPT disinformation age is now.

I googled "OS for 4gb ram" and the first hit, which also was used by google to populate its snippet is an answer from quora which is very obviously created with #chatgpt (I recognised the non-committal non-answer right away, but it can also be detected by a popular GPT detector).

The user has 98 answers and, you've guessed it, they are all created with GPT.
PLOT TWIST: The questions where also created with GPT!


When people start thinking "oh Blake will come in and pick up my shift" I don't have a boundary, and if I don't set that early, I won't get a good chance later on.

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"Are you doing anything today?"
"So you'll be willing to come in and help?"
"But you said you're not doing anything."

I know you'll probably think "oh hey, why didn't you take it for the extra money?" It's about setting a boundary. I work the hours I'm scheduled and nothing more. As soon as I set the expectation to be the "reliable pick-up guy" I open myself to exploitation of my labor.

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