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should I make a different account for drunkposting?

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made an alt at

If you think that gays reproduce by molesting children, atheists or irreligious people can't be moral, or that all gay men are effeminate, don't fucking follow or interact with me.

I ain't got time for that shit.

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I just want to make this clear. I'm fine with people being against flaming faggots but if you can't distinguish between men who are gay and faggots then you probably shouldn't be following or interacting with me.

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Hi, I'm Blake, I'm just some dude online who likes games, food, and other stuff.

@matrix Women don't think that I should be allowed to say nigger, so I don't think women should be allowed to vote :shrug:

The fact that my mustache and beard are two different colors bothers me

*some* ask now what is a woman but Dracula has already answered that when he discussed what is a man


These people give white folks a bad reputation. No wonder everyone thinks we eat bland food

I can be a drunken working-class type slob, and blend in with them.
However, I can also wear my long hair in a tight bun and blend in with the elite.

Get you a man/woman who can do both.

Most drunk russian men: violent and angry
Me: I have to pet the cats, every single one of them, come here кошка милая!

Flashback to when I drunkenly did open mic night and I got banned from the bar despite heavy applause.

>mom's birth sister (full blood italian-american) is staying over and she's already scolded my mom 8 times over her cooking
>half the guests are already drunk
>I can hear auntie and nonna from 2 floors away.

My people.

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