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Hi, I'm Blake, I'm just some dude online who likes games, food, and other stuff.

Twitch is now allowing "artistic nudity" and other stuff that's cool.

I'll believe any of their standards when I see it applied to both men and women.

If Twitch is going to allow some girl with huge boobs that are slathered in baby oil, then I want the male equivalent — buff fighting games streamer wearing boxing shorts where you can just see a tiny hint of shaft.

Otherwise it's just thinly veiled "we'll allow these streamers to break the rules because it makes us money!"

I'm convinced that the official religion of the Russian Federation is actually software piracy.

They made another McDonald's Japan anime-style commercial.
>tfw can't go back to hanging out with the boys with no responsibilities on a summer afternoon/evening with no care about jobs, or adult responsibilities. :pepepains:

Apparently arriving on time is a "white person thing" and expecting someone to be on time is "oppressive" "autistic" and "racist."

Remember: they hate "work from home" because that way they don't get $$$ for their big offices, this would cause the corporate real estate market to collapse.

Here's an actual idea: make it fucking housing so people maybe won't have to pay shitfuck money for a studio apartment

TLDR: The new Call of Duty game will use AI to provide real time voice chat moderation.

Codbros, it's over :jahy_pain:

>people are talking about Japan's birthrate again

It's with profound sorrow I announce the (((journalists))) are at it again.

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