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If you wanna follow me I'll probably say no, follow my new main @realcaseyrollins

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Switching my avatar to raise awareness for some stuff that rapper is doing for his merch line, .

In light of and the lack of available masks, is creating cheap, $15, FDA-approved masks and using the proceeds to help fight the invisible enemy.

The masks are currently on sale for $10, you can buy them here:

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I'm glad I force myself off of caffeine every break, I feel like it breaks whatever addiction I have and makes it easier to quit neck time

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PSA I have a raging headache (because caffeine withdrawals) so if I say something that doesn't make sense, that's not entirely to blame, but it's certainly contributing to it

The fact everyone must acknowledge and the question everyone has to ask themselves

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"Never will I be satisfied til I die so like what am I seekin'"


PSA: Don't put the n word in your username and expect me to accept your follow request

Is there a difference between cuteness and hotness? (Perhaps can also be phrased as prettiness vs beauty)

Is NOBODY gonna talk about how #11 on definitely stepped out of bounds before dishing out that pass?

Hol up don't TELL me that "all accounts or description are prohibited" by the

Man is gonna purge the site of tweets??

Ain't nothing like watching and seeing "unity" and "equality" everywhere

@counterfedi is down at the moment, but we are working on getting back up and running soon!

You can't "grow out" of , right? Like that's not a thing, is it?

Hmmmmm @counterfedi seems to be slowing down all of a sudden, anybody else noticing this?

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