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Switching my avatar to raise awareness for some stuff that rapper is doing for his merch line, .

In light of and the lack of available masks, is creating cheap, $15, FDA-approved masks and using the proceeds to help fight the invisible enemy.

The masks are currently on sale for $10, you can buy them here:

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Okay so this is no longer my personal account, this is an archival account that will no longer accept new followers

For my new personal account follow

if there was an instance called that'd be perfect but i think is cool too

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planning on moving this account to another instance because i have too many followers here

Mom: Hey, your clothes are washed, they're cleaned now!

Me: Ooh nice!

*six hours later*

Me: *checks clothes*

Me: Oh nice, they're cleaned, but they ain't dry 😅

Meant to post this earlier but I kept getting errors

What are y'all's thoughts on this?

"Every day, we will get happier. We will take our happiness for granted then."

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