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Best place to watch the violence live from the comfort of your own home:

Get the popcorn ready.

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Switching my avatar to raise awareness for some stuff that rapper is doing for his merch line, .

In light of and the lack of available masks, is creating cheap, $15, FDA-approved masks and using the proceeds to help fight the invisible enemy.

The masks are currently on sale for $10, you can buy them here:

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Sending this to anyone who says they're not voting for or and decide to vote third party

@realcaseyrollins nobody knows what’s going on with gab not even turbo himself

Yo what's creepy is that there's this person on who never posted but was super active in the SC community I was in. Just went back into her comment history and the last thing she ever said was this:


this captcha wouldn't let me continue until I said a mailbox was a parking meter, so if a robot drops money in your post, you're welcome fellow humans

there are a number of conspiracy theories where i'm like "yes, some of that sounds right and makes me ask questions, yet where's the smoking gun?"

Senator Lindsey Graham Announcing On Hannity That They Have The Votes For Trump's SCOTUS Pick

"We've got the votes to confirm the Justice on the floor of the Senate BEFORE the election & that's what is coming." #vdare #Columbia #Election #Senate #Trump

Full-List of bots:

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