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Riotinfo/Riotnews list; CWing because the post is long and will probably look heckin' ugly in all y'all's timelines 

Okie dokie, here's everyone I'm adding to my list, feel free to follow them if their content appeals to you.

* WARNING * Just because some of the content is commentary, that does NOT mean I agree with it all! It just means it is quality content that I find informative, enlightening, or interesting.

Without further ado, here is the list

@er1n (Occasional eporting on states of emergency and general state of things in , )

@politicsbot (Posting articles covering the riots and 's reactions to them)

@crunklord420 (Posting videos from the riots; by far the best source of riot footage on the )

@Secftblgirl (Commentary on the riots, posting links to articles)

@coldacid (Commentary on the riots)

@l0wk3y (Occasional commentary on the riots and posting footage)

@kino (Commentary on the riots)

@11112011 (Commentary on the riots)

@djsumdog (Commentary on the riots, posted pictures firsthand in )

@commandlinekid (Commentary on the riots)

@InvaderXan (Commentary on the riots, posting helpful safety info for protestors)

@Dan_Ramos (Commentary on the riots, posting links to articles)

@Lyudmila (Another amazing source of riot footage, focused mainly on the movement, grafiti, and more heavily militarized police forces. Spanish-language.)

@augustus (Occasional commentary on the riots)

@dude (Commentary on the riots, occaisionally posting 's reactions)

@mwklein (Occaisional commentary on the riots)

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Should I make an OnlyGrans?

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Switching my avatar to raise awareness for some stuff that rapper is doing for his merch line, .

In light of and the lack of available masks, is creating cheap, $15, FDA-approved masks and using the proceeds to help fight the invisible enemy.

The masks are currently on sale for $10, you can buy them here:

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If people are so thirsty for approval/snowflakey that they feel the need to obey some rule on a whim, that's on them. They should actually do that. People made personal blocks on the for a reason.

But you being intolerant of controversial speech shouldn't mean entire should cancel the instance hosting someone you don't like. That's retarded. Like literally pea-brained.

I feel that gnats exist to test the moral limits of veganism.
@blight @realcaseyrollins Please don't burn us down. Most of you guys work for us anyway. You would not want to burn down your job? Would you?

@realcaseyrollins Jesus it's almost impossible to find now! I had to search for something else I knew in the series. Here it is:

youtube-dl that shit. Who knows if it will be up next month.

@alex if you accidentally eat a bug do you get your vegan card revoked?

Unsure of what post visibility does... Selecting Do Not Post to Public Timelines in fedilab

: They will be met with vicious dogs and the most ominous weapons I have ever seen

Me: Bro I WISH they would! I wanna see them bazookas and lazer guns!

"You're part of the problem" rhetoric is harmful and won't help anything, I'm sorry

@freemo @realcaseyrollins >“All I could hear is my supervisors yelling, ‘fire,’ and ‘get out of the building as fast as you can,’” employee Aquila Canteen told CBSLA. “And I could see people scattering.”

>There were about 40 employees inside when the fire broke out.

>“Within 15 minutes the whole back of the building collapsed and exploded,” Canteen said.

nothing about rioters with this one :shrug_yui: are you sure you arent watching looters scrounge through burnt rubble?

@realcaseyrollins I saw the live footage on facebook. I havent checked to see where else it might be streaming.

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