Why the Fediverse is significant, beside privacy 

Because big corporations are not forever.

Say about them what you will, but there IS a value in social media, they do satisfy the need, they do scratch that ancient itch of human beings to hear each other and be heard. They do it quite perversely, as a side-effect to filling their shareholders' pockets, but still, as a matter of fact.

The corporations though, do close down for all kinds of reasons.

There was a time before Twitter. Someday Facebook will disappear. Someday, YouTube will go dark.

The Fediverse, in this sense, is a toolkit, that will allow people to rebuild the Internet as we know and love it today in the future, when most companies have gone extinct.

The Internet is not a thing that "just is", it's "what people do". The Fediverse recognizes and embraces this fluid, dynamic nature: every now and then there's new servers that pop up and old that ones go down. It's not really a big deal around here. And it's... beautiful?

I used to think google earth was the coolest thing ever. I remember playing with it for hours in middle school.
I hate that Parler is being pushed as the alternative to twitter. People need to get on that decentralized train!

trump somehow forgot that the supreme court has already ruled that flag burning is constitutionally protected free speech

"but muh soldiers died for that flag"

and they died for fucking nothing if you aren't free to burn it.

soooo i finally tried playing GTA V on this potato

and it was shit. I tried to screenshot all the flying cars and the people floating as the beach, the roads etc couldn't load, buuuut

alright I think I'm gonna take away my @hotmail.com email alias now

I've been switching all my accounts, tediously, on the web as recorded on keepass to either my @outlook.ph email (its current alias) or to my @protonmail email

there's still a few holdouts but I hope I can switch them in the future

eyyyyy I've changed my display name as well as avatar and header

I wanted to change my handle too but I realized it's not as simple here as it is on birdsite so 🤷‍♂️

lol my brother thinks I'm too boomer to know fortnite

Also I think I'm gonna rename this account anytime now.

IIRC the only place where I've used the name VetHarvester was in Google Play Games,

And even then it was the much logger, randomly generated "VeteranHarvester[some numbers]"

And even then I started shortening it to this name when I started playing JRPGs and Japanese strategy games again and they all had a 12 character limit

And I don't even have any experience in farming :p

San Antonio was up in a tight game after the 1st half! Until I couldn't see and started missing shots and bam, game ends with a double digit loss

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So my game of 2004 on the earlier just reinforces why I've learned to hate consoles:

I've always played them in my family's living room, where they go through the middle of the room, between the TV and the couch, every few seconds

Food delivery service #Foodora confirmed a data breach across 14 countries.

Data leaked includes personal details for 727,000 accounts - names, addresses, phone numbers and hashed passwords. It also contains latitude and longitude coordinates to six decimal points, which is accurate to within just a few inches.

Data also includes personal notes that customers included with their orders.

Good job.

#privacy #data #dataprivacy #security

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