I would like to welcome all the newcomers to gameliberty.club

I hope you have a fun time here

I would like to apologize for the downtime. I accidentally reinstalled the server and thanks to that lost 4 days worth of posts that I haven't backed up.
Please if you see stuff not federating where it should or remote media not corresponding with the original, please contact me @matrix

Hit by a bus scenario

If @matrix isn't active for several days without informing about it beforehand, you can safely assume I'm dead and this instance is screwed alongside catgirl.life/ and peervideo.club/. They should last somewhere between 1 day and 3 months as certificates get issued for 3 months and the servers are billed every 3 months.

You can export your data here: gameliberty.club/settings/expo

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I deployed @glowposter even though it's not finished. Unblocks aren't implemented yet and code is spaghetti.
Now every user of gameliberty.club can know who blocked them.
It's currently going through the backlog, so most of the blocks will be old.

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It has worked. We now have full text search with Postgres!

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I'm going to bring this instance down and attempt to enable FTS with Postgres. I have no clue how long this will take.

Max image size is now 20MB and max video size is now 80MB.

We're now running v2.9.2
You can now upload audio

There is a difference between condoning content and allowing content.

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