I wrote a small guide/roadmap for absolute beginners where i give you pointers of where to find good resources and information about self-learning how to use the 3D modeling software Blender and the things that worked for me during my very early beginner time.

When i started doing Blender i had seriously no idea of where to start and where to go next so i really hope it is useful to you in case you are curious about learning Blender but you have absolute ZERO experience or knowledge about it.

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Updated the blender guide with an extra section and fixed the grammar.

@hideki does it include a part where you have to postprocess your final renders by applying ordered dithering down to 16 colours at most?
@hideki My biggest challenge has been memorizing hotkeys for everything, but Blender is really hotkey-centric so you gotta do it.
@wildgoose @hideki Since the interface upgrade, it's now possible to do most (if not all) of this stuff through menus. But if you are modeling, you need to memorize a few shortcuts because otherwise it's going to be very tedious.

Mostly viewport shortcuts, rotate, translate and scale, loopcuts and slices, knife, TAB (to switch between object and edit mode), C for selections, bevel, extrude, inset, dissolve, delete... you know, the basic stuff.

@wildgoose yeah no kidding, it took me so much time to really learn even the most basic hotkeys, and Blenderguru was throwing hotkeys at you like pancakes... almost for anything there's a hotkey for it.

And yeah, you can do everyting too by pressing on menus and such but it much much faster using the hotkeys. I guess you eventually get used to them by using them over and over again you don't even notice you have memorized them.

The other problem them came when i was all the time trying to use blender hotkeys in any other program, particulary on Inkscape that i use a lot too.

@hideki @wildgoose Very happy to see this thread as I've been looking into Blender for a while now. Cheers mate!

@cheru @wildgoose Cheers! you can hit me up with any question you have while you are learning to use it, i'll be glad to help.

@cheru @hideki It's a lot of fun. I've been learning for a few months now. It was really intimidating at first but fortunately there's tons of tutorials
@hideki @wildgoose the most useful function in blender is operation search, especially while you're still learning (so pretty much always). It was bound to space in 2.7, but since 2.8 space plays the scene animation by default.

@Inginsub @wildgoose yes, you will keep using search even if you are experienced. On blender 2.8 it got re-mapped to F3 (which is the default search hotkey on a lot of programs too)

Thanks! I was thinking of getting into it, downloaded it, and had no clue what to do.
@hideki I had planned to do a tutorial on hard surface, but was going to wait until 'the next' version came out. However the updates kept coming out so fast I don't even use that style of modeling anymore. Good luck with 3.x. :3

@thendrix I think the only things that 3.0 has going on for it are geometry nodes and Cycles X

Cycles X is an obvious improvement for rendering speeds, and Geometry nodes are "nice" but nothing i deem indispensable or essential to model so why wait?

@hideki I was going to write that tutorial before 2.6 was finalized iirc -- 2.8 era was a major change with the types of tools I used in blender.
@hideki thanks dude, i am currently making a project thing in my college so this will come in handy

@ceruds I'm glad it is useful! You can ask me anything if you have questions about something.

@hideki Well, from first look it seems to be useful enough.

@hideki Neat write-up, Blender StackExchange might be another solid resource worth noting. Although tutorials are exceptionally useful, putting hours worth of them as a near prerequisite could be an equally daunting task to a beginner. Starting out with your own projects and picking up the skills needed as you go is also a perfectly viable approach. On a minor note, it’s probably not a bad idea to find and replace any instances of “reccomend” to “recommend”, along with running the whole thing through a spell-checker just in case.

@forcedinductionretard thank you for your feedback, and you're right, i agree i forgot to put the part of "doing things just for fun" after doing the donut, because that helped me getting used to the software and the fear of "mis-clicking something"

@hideki Thanks for this, I keep on meaning to get properly into Blender but keeping falling back on the now ancient Milkshape 3D. Will post some models once I get somewhere maybe.


I am not a beginner, more like intermediate
but difficult to work with blender with integrated graphics and an i5 cpu.

@flabbonix ha i've been working with something a lot less like that :comfyeek: of course for rendering stuff i try to use other methods but yea, if i want to use particles i need to keep them at a minimum

@flabbonix for rendering i can use the work's PC, but also i can use a script to render on Google Colab using GPU

@hideki Need to make life-sized hellhound 3d model any bros willing to lend me a 3d printer
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