I did liked yesterday image i requested about Hatsune Miku, and upscaled it with Waifu2X

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Does this looks like Rei Ayanami? Like... at all?? NO... it doesn't... fking useless AI

Same prompt, first two are Dall-E Mini and the others are Midjourney's

Midjourney's results are more pretty but Dalle's are more WILD.

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Same prompt, Dall-E Mini and Midjourney.

I think Midjourney is stilystically more constrained and Dall-E mini is let to run wild on prompts, so it has more variety.

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Same thing, exactly same prompt, and i prefer Dall-E results because they are more aligned to what i am looking for, despite being less detailed.

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Well i used Midjourney,and the exact same prompt yielded this result.

Dall-E Mini was more on point with what i had in mind.

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