@matrix corpos are never so helpful as to give you an actual person to talk to, should be your first clue :cirno_sip:
@icedquinn @matrix side channel contact method is also a common indicator
@matrix it's okay buddy we all let our guard down sometimes, just remember this as a valuable lesson for the future
@matrix @nosleep I got that same message over Discord, but I just kept telling the scammer that the Steam admin can contact me directly. When the scammer kept going I realized it was a scam and reported him to the admins of the server he found me in.
@nosleep @matrix what's the lesson?

Oh, apparently "nuke India" wasn't the correct answer. Nevermind

@sjw I dunno. I'm not. I haven't heard of this particular scam though. I guess they were too polite. :NotLikeThis:

@matrix If steam had an issue they'd contact you themselves.
Hell, if this happened to me I'd just be like, "thanks for the heads up." in case I did get contacted. At least I'd know what was going on.
I'd never make the first move though because if steam isn't contacting me there's no problem.

I know, that makes perfect sense. I was like that at the start. I have no clue why I fell for it.

@matrix This is just more proof that the jab diminishes critical thinking and reasoning to make the population fall in line
@matrix Also this isn't something that would be handled over chat.
Not to mention staff accounts are clearly marked IIRC
@graf @matrix this has been going on non stop for almost 3 years now. At the beginning of 2018 everyone's collective IQ dropped

Remember that the US had an oil shortage because somebody wanted to see some boobs

@matrix oh no

send me via DM your credit card number and security code to encrypt them for you so they can't hack them.

This one took me about 10 minutes before I got what the entire email was about. Once I got it, it was obvious it was a scam, but damn, this was one hell of a convoluded shit...

(no attachment was included)

@LukeAlmighty @matrix This was probably just copied verbatim from a real CSOB email. Was this the complete email?

@fuxoft @matrix
Yes. No atachment, no aditional text.

And with the title "Vase kara byla digitalizována"

@fuxoft @matrix
The joke was the part "if you have recieved this transmission in error".

Then I realized this shit was about me mailing them back and the scam can begin from there.

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