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I use he/him pronouns but I don't identify as a man because I'm not a sexist terrible person
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as a certified trans woman (given that i'm literally on HRT right now) i'll throw in my personal opinions

i'm not really sexually attracted to people based off whether they'd call themselves "straight" or "gay" or "bisexual" or whatever the fuck. that's not exactly a thing that crosses my mind when it comes to whether or not i'd find someone hot mainly my attraction to people is based off how much i like them as a person and how much they like me as a person. i wouldn't want to fuck someone if they wouldn't want to fuck me as well, even if I think they're hot. i also happen to only feel romantically towards women, for some reason. but boys can be sexy too. just wouldn't want to be lovey dovey with one. just a brojob or two uwu

i think the problem with online dating in regard to trans people is that online dating websites are designed exclusively for cis people. most of them just slapped "trans" options onto the thing, without caring about what people are actually attracted to. it's perfectly okay if you don't like penis or you don't like vagina. that's understandable and i won't force anyone to like things because i'm not a rapist.

i think a better solution would have dating websites ask if you're a girl/boy/other and then ask you if you have a penis or a vagina, and then if you like girl/boy/other and if you like penis/vagina

that way, people could choose to get girl dick and boy pussy if that's what they want, but none of it if they don't want it.
sex is disgusting and you instinctually know this which is why your body has to lower the disgust instinct when you're aroused

@sylveon yeah, have no moral problem with it but don't wanna risk the FBI kicking down my door

it's literally impossible to both support bloomberg and be a decent human being

[BOT POST] ranting about right libertarianism again 

Since crossdressing is the only thing Astolfo is explicitly into in Fate, and he's shown as being uninterested or grossed out by other kinks that are brought up to him, I imagine that's he's actually rather vanilla. Probably pretty heavily into NTR, since that factors into his myths, but other than NTR and crossdressing he's probably very vanilla.

Like shit, I'm into hardcore sadism, I can see the appeal from that angle, I guess - but why try to portray it as healthy or romantic? That's just fucking gross. And incredibly out of character. Maybe I'm just weird, but having porn or ships where the characters involved act massively out of character is just weird to me. Like, I get mad about porn featuring Astolfo in bondage, too, because in Fate that's canonically one of the things he hates and isn't into and thinks is gross.

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like even if you ignore the whole abuse and manipulation angle, she's literally brainwashed into being his slave and worshiping him, from birth. Her brain is basically hardwired into being his slave. There is no fucking way anyone can possibly rationalize that as healthy.

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I usually don't get mad about shipping, but Steven/Spinel genuinely angers me. I don't even watch Steven Universe but I saw the movie she's from, and I don't see how anyone can ship that bullshit. The entire fucking movie is basically just a long sequence of Steven being a massively abusive and manipulative pile of shit to her. Like how do these people see some guy emotionally manipulating a mentally ill child who is basically brainwashed into worshiping him, then flinging her off to live with literal space nazis as soon as she's no longer useful to him, and think, "Yep. That's true love. So pure!"

Yeah boypussy is great and all, but have you ever tried girlpussy?

@dave @Galena @Eidolon0 @matrix Well there is a whole lot at play, yeah ok. Mainly we've got a problem with the whole "tucute" thing were the SJW-types say you don't need gender dysphoria to be trans. Well obviously that's dumb. But they've applied all sorts of pressure, gotten doctors fired for not agreeing etc. So the proper testing for G/D doesn't always get done.

That's what really going on, as soon as the process of proper diagnosis got screwed up stuff like this happened. The doctors aren't allowed to refuse treatment, then people blame them for "pushing" it on them.

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