Another devlog update for God's Disdain! Check it out :) basically just talks about what I've done the past year and a little bit about the current state of things.

Working more on my game today! From that quest line I removed, I'm trying to add more dialogue to those characters and it's creating some interesting dialogue I think! I also got a pretty good system down for wandering NPCs where their position can be randomized without me having to manually set it, which cuts out a lot of dev time.

figured out what item shops will be selling what today for now i just have to actually program it

my game, now officially has all of its enemies and battles implemented :D
it's technically in a playable state right now, if playable means an unpolished main story and no side quests xD
but it's really getting there! i'll be working on implementing those side quests and the necessary NPCs for them as the year goes on, and next year will pretty much just be adding in the voice acting and polish on the main story!
i'm super, super excited that the game is getting to a point where i'm in the last few laps of the race. i've been working on it for over 6 years already!!

getting the enemies done for way faster than i thought i would. my original goal was end of february but it'll definitely be done before february. all i need to put in still are the tree dungeon enemies and then the mountain range enemies.

got a lot more done on tonight and even fixed a puzzle that i for some reason just never finished lol.

the testing for the game is going to be a bit brutal... when you've been working on a game for 6 years there are a lot of inconsistencies, namely with sound effects. hopefully my testers can nitpick stuff like that so i can get it all polished up!

finally bit the bullet and just got google drive to sync up my game dev folder for so that i don't have to manually copy everything every time i work on it on my laptop vs my desktop.
very glad i did, going to make things a lot easier and help my motivation to work on it when i'm at home. there have been times i haven't worked on the game solely because it was on my laptop and i didn't want to copy it over lol.

Made great progress on game dev tonight for :)

got a little bit closer to having all of the chest programming done for today. gotta do some more weapons, all the armors, and the gems, then i can put them in the game world! :)

hooray~! allows rated M games now :) i was really worried that it would limit the people that could reach since the game will most likely be receiving an M rating.

man making weapon drop tables from chests is really confusing when you have like 600 weapons. glad i wrote it out before actually trying to program it lol

BIG Announcement for my game, God's Disdain!

The world is completely done! I also lay out what's next for me to finish.

ATTENTION: The entire world for the game I've been working on for over 6 years is now done! 402 maps, the environments totally present and exploration between all of them 100% possible. This is a huge accomplishment for me and a massive step to getting the game finally finished.
I'll be writing a full devblog post for soon, but pretty much the plan going forward is to get at least all of the treasure chests sprinkled throughout the dungeons and mountain ranges by the end of the year, with the enemies coming in after that. Next year will primarily focus on NPCs and side quests and I'm going to see where it goes from there to get a good idea of when I can cut things off and release the beta! :D :D

another entire mountain section in my game is now complete! all i have left to do now is one more mountain range, a house in the middle of the woods, and i actually forgot i needed to make some sewers too so i'll do that and then the world will be done :)

the beginnings of the last map of the second to last mountain range that needs to be done

Now that I'm done with the snow mountains for my game, I only need to make 4 more normal mountain maps and one house in the middle of the woods and the entire game world is done and fully explorable. It just needs to be inhabited! Making an open world game has been a pain in the ASS but it's going to be worth every hour and every dollar I spent in the end.

HOLY SHIT the snowy mountains for my game are FINALLY done! This is at 50% size btw

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