thought it would be funny to make these based off of my own game lol

for clarification, i am using RTP but i have edited it so i don't really consider it "default rtp."

ATTENTION: The entire world for the game I've been working on for over 6 years is now done! 402 maps, the environments totally present and exploration between all of them 100% possible. This is a huge accomplishment for me and a massive step to getting the game finally finished.
I'll be writing a full devblog post for soon, but pretty much the plan going forward is to get at least all of the treasure chests sprinkled throughout the dungeons and mountain ranges by the end of the year, with the enemies coming in after that. Next year will primarily focus on NPCs and side quests and I'm going to see where it goes from there to get a good idea of when I can cut things off and release the beta! :D :D

getting closer to finishing the club area in GBB. there is way more to it than i thought there would be. at first i was going to make the private room interaction random but decided on adding more variety and the possibility to choose what you do with your client (or rather, where you do it).

the beginnings of the last map of the second to last mountain range that needs to be done

Get By, Butterfly, an erotic life-sim, has now been released! It's still in a very early state so please let me know if you encounter any issues!

Now that I'm done with the snow mountains for my game, I only need to make 4 more normal mountain maps and one house in the middle of the woods and the entire game world is done and fully explorable. It just needs to be inhabited! Making an open world game has been a pain in the ASS but it's going to be worth every hour and every dollar I spent in the end.

HOLY SHIT the snowy mountains for my game are FINALLY done! This is at 50% size btw

tried making a layout for a new mountain map and accidentally made a happy :)

As promised. The entire left side of the Gilskov Range in my game :D only 40+ hours it took to make this.

finally finished the second part of my snowy mountain maps, part 3 coming soon, as i was working on it at the same time. parts 4 5 and 6 (maybe 7) are a ways out but hopefully i'll be able to get them done swiftly, i'm really starting to run out of time here and am battling the burnout. censored a part of part 2 because it's spoilerinos

After over 30 hours of work, I've finally finished my snowy mountain map (1/5). I love the look of it!

Step 2 of 4 on my snowy mountain map for my game :)

Step 1: General layout
Step 2: Add depth
Step 3: Add height
Step 4: Add clutter (foliage/rocks/etc)

Finished the dungeons for my game. In total, there are 18 dungeons. Now I'll just need to map out the mountain ranges, then get enemies and treasures placed in them and the dungeons for the world to be 100% explorable and playable. After that, it's NPCs and the quests they give. Then... game's done. Hopefully I can see the end of it soon

Took about 15 hours but I finally got pretty much everything for the look of my battle screen. The background animates and shifts colors and I'll get a video of it soon but not right now.

Tonight was battle troubleshooting night. The battle system works, but I'm just trying to get it looking pretty and that is way harder. I'm pretty close, though!

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