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ひよこ組 (Hiyokokumi) dolls, the maker of my life-size doll of my OC Elegos, has some amazing updates regarding their handmade dolls!

You can now pay for a toy skeleton service for all dolls. A skeleton allows the doll to pose better. All previous dolls made my them can also be sent back for a toy skeleton installation! The skeleton can be installed for a fee.

They are now also accepting orders of girl dolls up to 150cm! You can now directly order a girl doll by contacting them on their Twitter (or page; more on this below). Previously, only male and smaller unisex dolls were being accepted for orders on the Hiyokokumi account.

If you do not use Twitter, they have now also opened up a page for buying. You can order from there, too. You will have to be knowledgeable of how to order products from Japan.

The representative speaks English if you contact them directly from Twitter and I think this is the better option for English speakers, in my opinion.

Also, I have been mispronouncing the name this entire time as "Hiyokogumi". 🫠 You can thank Google translate for that!

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Looking through AliExpress weird products is a guilty pleasure of mine

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Comparisons and Info of Android Tablet Art Programs I Have Used 

Up until around 2 years ago, art programs for Android tablets were really ASS. So I have struggled ever since buying my S6 tab 4 years ago and it has discouraged me from even making art. They're in a much better place now, though! So here's some info of art programs I've tried for android, in order:

Ibis Paint
Infinite Painter

Working on a tablet has its advantages and disadvantages in comparison to working on a Wacom or any other desktop tablet plugged into the PC.

For me personally, it's a lot more comfortable to do art on my bed and I feel more productive being comfortable. Also my medical conditions prevent me from being at my computer way too much, so I don't have much of a choice. lol
You aren't confined to a computer and can work on the go.

The disadvantage I've ran into is that some programs might struggle with optimization on all the different tablet models. You can experience lag that hinders smooth workflow or make it extremely frustrating to work in. The programs also may not be as powerful as the desktop variants, though some newer programs like Clip Studio and Krita for mobile seem to be 1:1.

I'll start with my favorite.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, Infinite Painter's simple UI and workflow are perfect for me personally. The 1st screenshot is of landscape mode on Infinite Painter and the finished chibi face of my OC, which I will post fully sometime next month, as I'm waiting on some things to kinda "relaunch" my social medias and make them more art focused.

Very fun to work in, if it wasn't for the lag on my tablet when I hit many layers. If you are a more polished artist than me, you may not need 100+ layers like I do, though.
It's not a chore to switch tools either. The brush selection is simple imo and sadly I can't figure out their brush editor. What's there is really good already, though. I get overwhelmed if there's too many options available. There are some glitches when using masks that cause massive lag if you want to select and move some layers, so that also sucks.
If coming off Photoshop or CSP on desktop like me, it is very different and it takes getting used to. This program has some tutorials online but nowhere near the massive amount of support Clip Studio or Procreate has. This is a smaller studio, so updates and fixes can take a bit.

Next is Ibis Paint. I did do some works many years ago on Ibis Paint. I never liked it and using it felt like torture after mainly using Photoshop most of my life. It actually made me hate doing art! The UI was very cluttered and the filters were terrible to work with; I felt I had no control of how it would apply on the actual overall image. The layers would eat up so much of the screen, too. You also can't move the canvas while the layers are open.

You can see this in the 2nd screenshot. This is a very ancient character concept of the undead form of my OC, which I will re-adapt into his new moe and pudgier design at some point. I never finished the character sheet because I despised working on it in Ibis Paint so much lmao

However, one of my favorite JP artists uses Ibis Paint and I've seen some professional works done on this program. So I don't want it to seem like it's worthless just because I couldn't get used to working on it. It's popular in Japan and has a good amount of tutorials available.

I ended up uninstalling Medibang and I vaguely remember not liking the UI, either. Didn't test this one out much, sadly. It's one of the go-to Android programs, though. This has been around since I was trying Ibis Paint 4 years ago. I've seen many artists swear by this program.

When I tried Krita for mobile, it was in Beta and performed horribly and clunky. However, this has been fixed a lot in the last two years and many people I've seen on videos are recommending it as the free alternative to Clip Studio Paint. They have ported over the desktop version the way Clip Studio has but also made it more intuitive to utilize on tablets. Krita is also open source. It's the 3rd screenshot. Here's a link to the video it's from going over some art programs for Android; I felt it was an informative watch.

I also just found out about a new drawing app for Android called HiPaint. This is a Chinese "knockoff" of Procreate for Android and hey, it's apparently really damn good and since the devs of Procreate won't release their program on Android, this is definitely the closest thing in terms of the UI and features.

I've never tried Procreate but coming from Infinite Painter, the HiPaint UI is fantastic. I can see why people like Procreate now.
I tried some brushes on this. Not a big fan of the ink ones when I was doing fast doodles as the one I wanted to use felt laggy and there is some glitchyness when using the airbrush. The video I will link touches on these two points, too. The app is newer, so maybe that will be ironed out and some people report no glitches on their tablets for the airbrush. HiPaint is the last screenshot here and it basically looks 1:1 to Procreate and it really nails the small details of some of the Procreate features. The video I watched on it was very good, too.

As I want to keep everything consistent for when I'm able to work on my computer, I will still try to use the Clip Studio Paint mobile app and get used to it. Going to see into getting a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The screen is huge and will accommodate the CSP messy UI on mobile a bit better.

I have heard many mixed things about Procreate for the iPad. Some claim it's better than Clip Studio and the best art program created and others claim it's absolute garbage and a mess. However, I really don't want to buy a CRAPple iPad. :sadgery: Overall, most people recommend it despite me seeing a decent chunk of negative opinions. But since there is no Android version, I can't give it a shot.

The Onionket 7 Application Deadline is August 3rd!

The 7th anti-censorship doujin even hosted exclusively in the Dark Web is drawing ever closer!

Those wishing to participating in Onionket 7 (held August 24th and 25th), make sure you send in your application by Saturday August 3rd! More details at our various info sites:

Clearweb -

NoJS -

Tor - http://cfxnvps5mxzdfh7aw5gwhhx2hmbr5vbww4m4m3znk6sjxnrd6l7bvnid.onion/circle.html
= = = =



透明ウェブ -

JSなし -

Tor - http://cfxnvps5mxzdfh7aw5gwhhx2hmbr5vbww4m4m3znk6sjxnrd6l7bvnid.onion/circle.html

Oh, also "Let's Play: Warhammer 40K, Mechanicus (Part 8) - the VOD!" is now available on Odysee:

Mitra is now available at K&T Host for beta testing! Mitra is a lightweight federated micro-blogging platform that is part of the Fediverse.

We're looking for beta testers to help us elevate our Mitra hosting service to production quality.  If you're interested in Mitra, this is a great opportunity to give it a try.

What is the beta test?
The beta test is a period in which we make a new application freely available for testing purposes.

What do I get?
You receive a working hosting account with Mitra available.

What do I do?
You install, manage, and test out Mitra's various features. Report any bugs or issues that you might run into.

Then what?
Once Mitra hosting is ready for launch, you'll receive three months of free service. After that, you get 20% discount for the life of your Mitra hosting service.

To learn more about beta testing, visit

#Mitra #beta #knthost

@knt If you ever wanted to try out Mitra without the difficulty of setting it all up on your own, KNT Host is offering a Beta Testing program for Mitra hosting services.

Mitra gives you a Monero-powered Patreon/Substack like service on the Fediverse, with monthly subscriptions and subscriber-only content. Share your art, stories, citizen journalism, or whatever else you want to share with your fans AND bypass the censorship of centralized platforms, banks, and credit cards:


Now I SCOURED to find the most pathetic dog that I could find, that is recently-ish at the end of their deadline.

This sad sack is Jasper, a young male german shepherd mix (ID A5630335) at the Las Angeles County ACC. He's just over a year old and a whopping 65lbs. He entered the shelter 6/4. meaning he's been at the shelter for 5 weeks, about a week over scheduled euthanasia date.

They say he's fearful; Tucked head in corner, froze, became resistant, flails on leash. However, that sounds like behavior inside the kennel environment, because the statement goes on to say; once out walked ok on leash, moderate pull, play yard, soft greetings, tolerant, relaxed, brief gentle./dainty play, social.

IME dogs are much more stressed in the loud, smelly dog kennels. I wouldn't expect that behavior in the kennel to transfer over to a home setting unless the 'home' setting is a hoarding situation. He doesn't even sound like he's stranger danger or a sheltered dog like my guy - just sounds like he doesn't show well in the kennel.

If you want to check him out, go here

You'll need his ID number because there are over 100 german shepherd mixes in LA (pic 4 related). So if you do call or message about Jasper, make sure you use his ID number, A5630335


Salutora's sweet dog, Umekichi, passed away earlier today. Give him some condolences if you are able to. I have been following him since 2019 and his posts have brought me many smiles. I was always retooting Umekichi, as he was the goodest of boys. I'll sincerely miss this good boy. 😢 Very sad day today.





I forgot I never uploaded the draft I made for Velnohs's 20cm cotton doll to here! I commissioned Velnohs back in December and he was a Christmas gift from my mom!

#doll #ドール


After almost 7 months‼️the cutie smol 20cm cotton doll 🪡 Velnohs has been completed by the artist I commissioned! He was finally shipped and is on his way! ​:praygebless:

He is very chubby and smug!
😏 Let's welcome him soon™️!

#doll #ドール

The adorable 100cm Ayame from Sakura Dolls that I adopted arrived! This little missy is a joy to dress up and pose! She has great articulation. I was surprised her neck and wrists fully move!

I'm beyond happy with the adoption! She is super cute!
There are extra shots in my dedicated 1:1 dolls channel!

#さくらドールズ #SakuraDolls #等身大ドール #ドール #doll

I shot some footage for my video dressing up my Ayame in one of her official custom outfits and these two have to be my favorite doll pictures I have taken so far!

I changed my camera settings a bit here for more balanced lighting and bright colors!

#さくらドールズ #SakuraDolls #等身大ドール #ドール #doll

「梅吉前掛け」でキッチンがもっと楽しくなる🍳✨ 当社のアイドル広報部長「梅吉」の笑顔が、毎日の料理を応援します!コットンとアクリルの素材で着心地も抜群です。サイズも広めでしっかり保護。
可愛さと実用性を兼ね備えていますよ😊👨‍🍳 ✔️もちろん洗濯OK
#キッチングッズ #料理好きな人と繋がりたい #梅吉前掛け


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